Strange Bird Studio : Commissions


When time allows I am happy to create special commission pieces, including pet portraits, wildlife, flowers, or landscapes.

Please note I am not set up for sales outside of Canada !

Are you ordering the artwork for yourself or a loved one?

Here’s how to get started.

Send me an email with your information and some photos of the subject, if you know what size artwork you would like let me know that as well. For a landscape or floral etc usually one or two photos are enough, for pets more photos may be required for references.

When chosing photos for pet portraits consider how much detail you will want on the piece. If you would like a full body portrait a larger size finished piece is going to work better, other things for you to think about, colour preferences, layout, background design. We can discuss the best options for size. Do you have more than one pet that you would like to have in the same portrait? In most cases this can be arranged, I do charge a little extra for more than one pet in a portrait.

Please allow a timeline of 3-6 weeks for custom work. *I do require a non- refundable 50% prepayment on all custom artwork before I start working.

What you can expect from me.

Once the size of the finished piece has been determined I will create a rough sketch from the photo(s) you have provided, I will email the sketch for your approval. If you are happy with it I move on to transfering the image to glass, it usually takes 3-5 firings in the kiln before the glass is finished. At this point I can send you a photo of the glass artwork before I start working on the wood cradle (canvas) that the glass is mounted on. We will need to discuss colour and design for the wood cradle there are several options for finishes.

All wood cradles are locally made, the finished artwork is wired on the back and ready to hang up in your home.

Will you need the artwork to be shipped?

I use Canda Post for shipping my artwork. Once the piece is completed I can get you a quote on the cost of shipping by regular or express post, if you would like a quote to insure the piece please let me know.