Strange Bird Studio : F.A.Q.

How did you make that?


Just kidding.

I mainly work with powdered glass on fusible sheet glass that I fire in my kiln. Most of my glass work is fired multiple times to build up colour and texture, an average firing would be 6-ish hours at just under 1400f with 8 or so hours of cool down time, many pieces require two or three and some times four firings so most of my artwork will spend 25 to 60 hours in the kiln. Pieces that are mounted on wood cradles (wooden canvas) have additional time added in the finishing and painting of the wood cradle. Dishes require additional firing time for shaping in a mold.

Do you make custom artwork?

Yes I do, as long as it falls in my normal range of themes, Pet portraits, landscapes, flowers, birds, bugs etc.

Sorry if you live outside of Canada, I am not set up for international sales through my home studio.

How can I buy your art work if I don’t live in Canada?

If you are looking for my glass art work that is not custom most of the shops that carry my glasswork do ship all over the world. Check out the Shops page for links and contact information for some of Vancouver Island’s best shopping.

Do you paint on glass?

No, I don’t use any paint on glass. All of my glass artwork is created by firing fusible glass in my kiln. Most of my glasswork is fired multiple times to develop texture and build colour, usually in powdered glass on sheet glass.

How hot do you fire your glass art work?

Very hot compared to an oven, not very hot compared to most glass artists or potters. I fire my glass work at 1390f to 1450f depending on what it is that I am making. I work in fahrenheit instead of celcius because that is how I learned to work with warm glass way back in 2006, like many Canadians in my age bracket I live in the land between fahrenheit and celcius.

Do you teach glass fusing?

My home studio is not set up for teaching at this time.

I have taught through a couple of glass shops on Vancouver Island in the past and never say never, I may teach again in the future.