Strange Bird Studio : About

Katherine Moore

Curious and Eclectic Fused Glass,
Made on Vancouver Island.

A little bit about my process: The local wildlife and landscapes I photograph on Vancouver Island inspire most of my glass work, basically I am a bit of a gardening and bird nerd.

I have a rather short attention span so using my own photography as inspiration gives me plenty of opportunity to change up the focus of my work. Nature, gardening and pets are the most common themes you will see in my fused glass.

Everything I create is unique and handcrafted, even small items such as magnets or ornaments have variations in them and each piece of my glass artwork has its own distinct character.

Even my frames are made locally by my talented friend Peter Cooke.

My history working with glass:

I have worked with glass for more than 22 years (yes I am that old), I learned to work with stained glass in the late 1990’s and then in 2006 I was introduced to fused glass while working in a commercial stained glass shop. For now I have hung up my soldering iron and I work strictly with fused glass but I am sure one day I will pick up my soldering iron again return to making some stained glass.